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Our October Issue
is HERE!

Our October Issue
is HERE!

"I would say, “You know what it takes, so just stay focused and focus on your own journey. Be confident in what you know and what you’ve learned in the past. All of those (experiences) will help you be in the position where you are today.”"

— Isabelle on a piece of advice she would give to her younger self.

The Coaches Corner

"“Really sit down and do a deep dive. Reflect on how you'd like to be involved in the game. If it is college coaching or being in the NBA or high school coaching or grade school coaching, there's always going to be an element of service for your players. From there, try to find within your network of friends, family, colleagues, former classmates, etcetera opportunities where you can present yourself in the right light as a basketball coach—whether it be your understanding of offensive and defensive schemes or your ability to help players become better individually.”"

— Coach Griffin on pieces of advice he would give to someone interested in pursuing
a career in coaching. 

Business All-Stars

LaChina Robinson

Basketball Analyst, ESPN |

CEO, Stretch Beyond | Co-founder, Rising Media Stars 


Assistant General Manager, Canton Charge | Scout, Cleveland Cavaliers

Champ Powell

Athlete Marketing Representative | Talent Manager | Graphic Designer, Designed by Champ LLC

Up Nxt Series

Se'Quoia Allmond

College Basketball Player

"I would say, “Just work. Pay attention to the fundamentals because those small things add up. Some growth is better than no growth...As long as you are getting 1% better, it's all going to add up. Do everything at your pace and what's best for you. You don't have to look at what anybody else has because everybody has different timing. When it's meant for you, you will have it—as long as you put in the work and stand for what you're doing. Always have fun, and embrace and cherish every opportunity that you get.”"

— Se'Quoia on pieces of advice she would give to someone interested in playing high school
and collegiate basketball.

Peyton Kemp

Middle School Basketball Player

"Some pieces of advice that I would give to other young people my age would be: “Be yourself. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can and can't do, and just work hard.”"

— Peyton on pieces of advice he would give to
fellow young athletes who are embarking
on their basketball journeys.

Sky's the limit,

Keep ballin'.