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Our July Issue
is HERE!

Our July Issue
is HERE!

"You know, you start off as a kid. You start growing and begin to become the mold of who you want to be—that is you in a cocoon. As you get to adulthood and start to live your life, you are a butterfly. You spread your wings and leave. You never forget your past or where you came from, but you look forward to your future and what comes with it. “Farewell” represents that, and the butterfly represents that as well too. "

— Andre on his clothing brand, Farewell, and the inspiration behind its name.


"I would just say, “You gotta be passionate and you gotta really love the game. You have to work really hard, work diligently, and be detailed.” This doesn’t happen overnight. This is something that's a long process. You have to have a marathon
type of mindset to this craft because
it takes a long time."

— Anthony on pieces of advice he would give to someone who wants to play basketball both at the collegiate and the professional level.

“Never give up—even when stuff is not going your way. Time will tell. You just have to give it a chance, and when your chance comes, do whatever you can to accomplish what you want to accomplish.”

— Javonte on a piece of advice he would give to his younger self.

Business All-Stars


Covering the footwear industry surrounding the NBA through his work with ESPN and Boardroom's newest show, "The Sneaker Game".

Ashley Nicole Moss

Merging her love for sports and storytelling through

her work with Sports Illustrated, Knicks Fan TV, SNY, and iHeartRadio.

Up Nxt Series

Talia Harris

High School Basketball Player

"I would say, “Always go hard as (if) it were your last time on the court. Never give up on your dreams. It might not show right now that you are getting somewhere, but it
will pay off later.”

— Talia on pieces of advice she would give to fellow young athletes interested in playing basketball.

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