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Our May Issue
is HERE!

Our May Issue
is HERE!


"“Everything is not as sweet as you think it is. It's going to take literally blood, sweat, and tears. You are going to have to sacrifice more than you want to sacrifice. It may be friends. It may be family. It may be relationships. It may be your PS5. You know, you have to sacrifice something to get to where you need to go. So keep grinding, put your head down, and work. It's gonna take time.” Nothing is gonna happen overnight, literally nothing—unless you win the lottery or something like that."

— Ishmail on pieces of advice he would give to someone who wants to play basketball at the professional level.


"You have to believe in yourself. When I really figured out what it took to get to where I’ve gotten, I set my mind to it. You have to really set your mind to it and believe in it. If you sit here and doubt yourself, you're just gonna keep stopping yourself from reaching your higher self and reaching your full potential. If you want it, you need to go get it. You can't sit here and say: “Well, I want this” or “I dream to do this.” It’s like: “OK, you want it? You dream it? Do something. Work on it. Work to get there and don’t doubt yourself.” Your biggest fan is you. If you don’t believe in it, who is gonna believe in you?"

— Maya on pieces of advice she would give to someone who wants to play basketball at the professional level.

Business All-Stars


Sports Broadcaster | Sacramento Kings &

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Freelance Sports Photographer & Videographer

Up Nxt Series

Mia & Mya Pauldo

High School Basketball Players

Mya: "I would tell someone, “Hard work can't hide. Just keep pushing and keep grinding because the work will pay off.”"

Mia: "I would say, “Always stay focused. There’s a lot of things in the world that are gonna take you out of your trance and distract you, so you always have to stay focused and never let your eye off the prize or your dreams.”"

— Mya & Mia on pieces of advice they would give to a fellow young athlete who also wants to pursue a career playing basketball.

Kobe Bohr

Sports Photographer & Videographer

"The first thing is just: “Try it.” If this is something that you think you might be interested in, go out and buy a cheap camera just to see if you like it...It's also important to remember that it doesn't happen overnight. I didn't have success right away by any means. I had to put in a lot of unseen hours without the appreciation from social media and things like that. You know, that stuff is all fun but you can't get into it for that because you're not gonna get that for a while. That comes with time. So as cliché as it sounds, just put in the work and remember that success is not gonna come overnight."

— Kobe on pieces of advice he would give to someone who wants to pursue a career in sports photography and digital media.

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