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— Jordin on one of her favorite quotes
to live by and remember throughout this journey

“My value comes from who I am, not from what I do.” I learned that in college. Oftentimes when you become an athlete, you feel like you are not as successful if you don’t do this or don’t accomplish that. I have learned that who you are as a person matters more than what you do. What you do is not who you are. Learning to separate the two and knowing that what you value in life, your morals, and values as a person is what makes you who you are. Those are the things that make people want to get to know and fall in love with you as a person."

Business All-Stars



Taking the world of sports photography by storm through his creative and eye-catching images of the industry's leading athletes.



Paving the way for the next generation of women in sports through her involvement in design, fashion, and media.



Bringing a new meaning to experiential marketing and brand partnerships through her innovative event activations.



Sharing athletes' stories and providing insight of the industry through reporting and sports broadcasting.



Pushing the envelope in the area of content creation through engaging videos and digital segments.

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