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Our March Issue

is HERE!

Our March Issue

is HERE!

"Just to stay really focused. I think there are a lot of different things going on that you can get sidetracked with—especially when you are young. But if you want to be your best, you gotta start learning how to focus yourself and then just work. You can’t worry about what the next person is doing."

— Crystal on pieces of advice she would give to someone interested in playing basketball professionally.

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The Coaches Corner

"The kids—that’s (my) motivation. Every single day we have new kids that come into the gym, and each of them have a different flame and a different fire about them that is exciting to work with. Just seeing them and their passion for the game is pretty fun and exciting."

— Ryan on his sources of motivation throughout this journey.

Business All-Stars



Pushing the envelope in visual storytelling through her graphic design and photography work

with Illinois Athletics.



Curating eye-catching digital content and branding assets

for the University of Utah's 

Men’s Basketball program.

The Spotlight Series

Judith Martin Ruiz

Professional Basketball Player

"It is not going to be easy—you are going to have to work for it. If you work hard (though), you will have those results and it will be great. Also, you can learn a lot of things about different places, know different cultures, and learn from different people."

— Judith on key takeaways that she would share with others who want to play
professional basketball overseas.

Natasha Swanson

Freelance Sports Photographer

 “I know it’s going to look crazy, and there are going to be so many things thrown at you—difficulties and challenges. It’s all going to be worth the hustle and the time

that you put into it (though).”

— Natasha on pieces of advice she would give to someone interested in pursuing a similar career path and going into sports photography.

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