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Our December Issue is HERE!

Our December Issue is HERE!

"You have to take the good with the bad. What I mean by that is: you are going to have a lot of good times and a lot of bad times, but you have to fight through adversity. So I would say, “Stay level-headed and don’t ever give up. Keep pushing (because) you never know

what can happen.”"

—Cam on pieces of advice he would give to someone who is interested in pursuing a similar career path and playing basketball at the professional level.

"Don’t worry about the naysayers. Don’t pay attention to what other people say about you or what they have said about you. Just focus on yourself and keep pushing. Continue to stay in the gym. Stay consistent. Don’t ever let (anyone) tell you you can’t do something. Eventually, your time will come. It might not come when you want it (to), but it will come eventually."

— Dee on a piece of advice she would give to her younger self.

Business All-Stars



Giving back to the game through her skills training programs, mentorship 

initiatives, and motivational speaking partnerships.



Helping athletes embark on their professional careers

in Europe through his Europrobasket Professional Basketball Academy.

The Spotlight Series

Angel Rizor

Professional Basketball Player

"I would (emphasize the importance of) staying at it, never giving up, not getting discouraged when things don’t go your way, and always staying positive. In the long-run, if you keep at it, your time will come and you will shine."

— Angel on pieces of advice she would give to someone who is interested in playing basketball at the collegiate level.

Sky's the limit,

Keep ballin'.