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Our September Issue is HERE!

Our September Issue is HERE!

"Anything that I put my mind to, I am capable of achieving. You know, just (reflecting back on) my journey throughout UCONN where freshman year I was not having the best year—averaging five points, barely playing in some games—, then going back in the offseason, putting in the work, grinding, and coming back again...I have learned (throughout this journey) to stay patient, know what I am capable of, and keep believing in myself."

— Megan on what she has learned about herself throughout this journey thus far

"I think the biggest thing is understanding your vision and your dream. Setting that out for yourself and knowing that you can always learn from other people is important. If you have your mind set on something, don't let anybody tell you different—always stay consistent and always believe in yourself."

— Donte on pieces of advice he would give to someone who is looking to embark on a similar career path and play professional basketball.

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Aliyah Jeune

Professional Basketball Player

"My parents for sure. My mom and dad have pushed me through anything and everything, and have been a complete motivation for me since I was a child. Their whole motto is: "Keep working hard and never give up on your dreams." They have always been in my corner, and have instilled those types of values in me."

— Aliyah on who inspires her to continue growing in the industry as well as give back to others

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